Trump, his advisers and his family ask for the Lord's guidance on how best to wreck the world

Trump Horror, Day 13: Trump Threatens to Invade Mexico, Bullies Aussie PM, Eases Sanctions on Russian Spies

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re: #102 jaunte Longtime lurker, first time poster here. I recently visited my family back on the Mainland and was appalled to hear that one of my family members has been the subject of anti-Semitic bullying at his junior high ...

Some of that mess in the title actually happened yesterday, and it isn’t even all of it. The Trump gang denied this last night. But today they’re admitting it happened, but claiming Trump was just “joking.” Because we know what a great sense of humor the Pussy-Grabber in Chief …

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Trump: Mass Killers Are “Geniuses,” We Can’t Do Anything to Stop Them

But a giant wall will stop those Mexicans
10/05/15 2:09:12 pm
Donald Trump! Locking up one more voting block---mass murderers. Who wouldn't vote for a guy that thinks their geniuses! Next up unrepentant domestic abusers and drunk drivers.

Anti-Choice Extremist Troy Newman Deported From Australia

High court finds he showed “consummate disregard” for Australian law
10/04/15 4:49:07 am
The one constant amongst our Libertarian Evangelical Utopianists are their overwhelming and all-defining sense of Entitlement. In their worldview, countries should bow to them, as a natural order of things. They really are clueless and reject any notion of actual ...

NPR Tiny Desk Concert: A Funny, Smart Set From Courtney Barnett

What exciting things will happen today?
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4/16/14 3:55:00 am
Timon PRONUNCIATION: (TY-muhn) MEANING: noun: One who hates or distrusts humankind. ETYMOLOGY: After Timon, the misanthropic hero of Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens. Earliest documented use: 1598. USAGE: "My soul was swallowed up in bitterness and hate ... I ...

Stunning Australian Time-Lapse Short: “First Footprints”

Some of the best time-lapse footage I’ve seen
7/14/13 8:05:29 pm
re: #322 William Barnett-Lewis I know what you mean. I was married for seven years before I got pregnant. When my husband and I thought we were unable to conceive, we started looking into adopting. After doing some research, we ...

Video: I’m a Climate Scientist

Gettin’ down in a lab coat
5/11/11 4:58:11 pm
re: #66 SanFranciscoZionist no it isn't...someday the 1st is gonna take a big hit...probably get tired of hearing that?...I just don't think there is a lot to be done about it...I mind my own business, I'm no crusader....the weight of ...