New Video of Obama’s 2008 Autism Statement Destroys the Claim He Was “Pandering to Anti-Vaxxers”

This settles the debate over what Obama meant
2/04/15 12:35:47 pm
re: #429 BeachDem Good for her! These lung masses/spots usually are nothingburgers.

Brandon Wall of the Chicago Sun-Times dug up the full video of that Barack Obama campaign appearance in Pennsylvania in 2008, and it’s fascinating to see the complete context of his remarks about autism and vaccines — because it makes it extremely clear that he was not saying the …

Charlie Crist’s Anti-Vaccination Backer Wants Your Sealed Immunization Records

9/30/10 7:31:41 am
Poor Charlie, he's been faced with Hobson's choice all along. run Independent and be accused of opportunism, or get plowed under. Take this guy's money and be tarnished by his crazy, or not be able to afford this campaign.

Sharron Angle: Autism is a ‘Politically Correct Special Interest’

9/28/10 9:10:55 am
Having everyone just drop the coverages they don't expect to use won't work because it won't reduce the cost of medical care, but would at best only redistributes who pays what part of the cost, in a way contrary to ...