Why I’m Voting for President Obama

Five years later, much has changed
11/05/12 9:59:22 am
re: #771 Obdicut Thanks. A sign-up sheet is a good idea.

I’m voting for President Obama because I trust him to do the right thing, and even on the issues where we don’t agree I know that he will make his choices based on principles and what he sees as best for our country as a whole rather than based on …

New Obama TV Ad: Collapse - “Wrong Then, Dishonest Now”

The D word makes an entrance
10/29/12 10:51:16 pm
There is no alternative for Obama: he must clearly and plainly talk about the elephant in the room: Mitt Romney's lying. Obama must talk about it, not just once, and not just in a single TV ad. If Obama does ...

Mitt Romney Busted for Lying by Chrysler

Mitt’s mendacious fantasies
10/29/12 7:04:39 pm
re: #53 b_sharp The lyrics are poking fun at the nouveau riche of S Korea. One of the tonier neighborhoods of Seoul is called Gangnam. The Christian Science Monitor had an article about it, as have other American media.

GM CEO: Thanks for the Money, I Think We’ll Declare Bankruptcy Now

3/31/09 5:07:02 pm
This whole idiot story 'they' are tossing around that 'consumers' would never buy from a company in Bankruptcy is absurd. Like we'd buy from a company who might go bankrupt any day instead. ? Bankrupt. Reorganize, Come out Healthy. Put ...