The Wall Street Journal Trots Out a Former Chief Scientist for BP to Argue Against Action on Climate Change

Just roll over and go back to sleep
9/22/14 10:27:19 am
re: #60 teleskiguy 15/15...though I wouldn't have bet the ranch on a couple of my answers.

As hundreds of thousands of people demonstrate across the world to demand action on the growing threat of climate change, the Wall Street Journal trots out the former chief scientist of BP, one of the world’s top fossil fuel producers, to say Climate Science Is Not Settled. And the argument …

Politicians Should Be Held to the Same Standard As NASCAR Drivers

752Steve Dutch
8/09/10 7:51:31 am
Someone pointed out - correctly - that Dave Barry suggested NASCAR decals on politicians a decade ago. He also suggested injecting honesty into campaigns - literally - as in massive doses of sodium pentathol. DB for President! Another post mentioned ...

Allahpundit Spins Judge Napolitano’s Defense of BP As Napolitano Appears on Alex Jones Show

6/25/10 12:03:15 am
So I am standing outside in front of the stairs smoking a cigarette when one of six inch lizards (wanna-be dragons) from the hedges runs across my bare foot. Next thing I know there is a four foot long snake ...