Gen. Flynn’s Son Tweets to Conspiracy-Monger Alex Jones, Spreads “PizzaGate” Conspiracy Theory

This country is in big trouble
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As if we needed anything else to be frightened about in the incoming Trump administration, the son of Trump’s top national security adviser is helping spread the baseless far right conspiracy theory known as “PizzaGate” — the conspiracy theory that inspired a gunman yesterday to invade the Comet Ping …

This image shows the winds and warm mass of air associated with a large cyclone that swept the Arctic in late December 2015-early January 2016, thinning and shrinking the sea ice cover. Credit: NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/Alex Kekesi, data visualizer.

It Gets Even Worse: Trump Plans to Eliminate NASA Climate Research

“Politicized science”
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re: #62 EPR-radar No way that site can get any mainstream coporate backing or investment. I suppose Putin's disinformation and chaos strategy machine will be largely funding this effort.

Drudge and the Stupidest Man on the Internet Recycle Another Ancient Bill Clinton Conspiracy Theory

This is what desperation smells like
704Eventual Carrion
10/04/16 1:04:00 pm
re: #602 blueraven My sister lives on Tybee Island GA. She is packing as we speak to be ready to bug out inland for the rest of the week and the weekend.

Rudy Giuliani: “Economic Genius” Trump “A Lot Better for the US Than a Woman”

10/02/16 6:36:35 pm
re: #219 Archangelus You have my very sincere condolence. I lost a brother to lung and brain cancer in January 2014, and one to stomach/colon cancer in October 2015, so I have firsthand experience with losing a loved one to ...

Right Wingers Emit Blizzard of Conspiracy Theories to Excuse Trump’s Debate Loss

The GOP is now the Conspiracy Theory Party
551Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
9/29/16 1:59:51 pm
re: #477 Backwoods_Sleuth Obama could been a great opportunity for True Conservatives demonstrate their True Conservative maxim that anyone in this country - regardless of race or social/ethic origin - can make it all the way to the top if ...

Trump’s “Black Outreach” Effort Proceeds: He Wants a Nationwide Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Trump wants to bring back a failed unconstitutional program and make it national policy
9/22/16 10:12:43 am
re: #201 VegasGolfer I'm not even a country fan, but I rushed out to buy their latest record when they spoke out against Bush's butchery. Good on them!

Video: Keith Olbermann: 176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be President

A mind-boggling list of malfeasance, mendacity and megalomania
9/14/16 5:51:26 am
I agree with so much of what Olbermann says, but the main reason why I dislike Olbermann persists. The clip is a great way to highlight the full Trump story but the hyperbole that he inserts into his speech does ...