American Family Association Loon Bryan Fischer: Dinosaurs Were Just Giant, 1,000-Year-Old Lizards

Finally, an explanation that makes sense
12/23/15 2:46:35 am
re: #299 Barefoot Grin The Senior Dads already mused on this very subject back in July, via Todd Starnes and his declaration of love for Trump's All-American "man parts".

Bryan Fischer has a theory about dinosaurs, and it is his theory, which is his, even though he’s “not a scientist or whatever.” It’s a really good theory, based on the Bible of course, because what else do you need to know? If the Bible says Methuselah was a …

Tweet of the Day: Ted Cruz: “Net Neutrality Is Obamacare for the Internet”

11/10/14 10:17:18 pm
Jumpin yellow rattlesnake flags Ted Cruz, net neutrality would help ensure that the internet doesn't run as fast as the government because your campaign donors wouldn't be able to slow down your download speed that you probably use to get ...

New York Times Calls for “Shrill” Critics to Stop “Vilifying” Edward Snowden

Leave Edward Snowden alone!
1/03/14 8:41:13 am
@BryanJFischer u want to ban non Christian religions despite the 1st amendment. who r u to complain about others imposing their will on U? — CriticalDragon1177 (@CriticalDragon1) January 3, 2014