Trump Orders the Pentagon to Stage a Grand Military Parade, Because We’re Not Enough Like Russia Yet

2 weeks ago
Does anyone else remember the revolting July 4 parade that Bush v1.0 had after the end of Iraq War v1.0 Electric Boogaloo Edition? I sure do. And I'd be reasonably happy if The Cheeto Benito did just as well in ...

The last time it was reported that Trump wanted to stage a grand May Day-like military parade through the streets of Washington DC like a real authoritarian dictator, the White House was quick to deny it and claim it was another example of liberal “fake news.” But here we are …

Trump’s Deconstruction of the United States Is Accelerating

The bad craziness gets worse every day
10/13/17 9:04:54 pm
re: #242 gocart mozart Krauss and Plant used to cohabitate in South Austin. I ran into Plant three times at the local HEB Grocery (the Ocho!). He was always wearing half-glasses and staring at food labels. "Hi, Bob." "Hullo." "Don't ...