Adam Weinstein’s Epic Trolling of Chuck C. Johnson, a Story in Tweets

Last minute desperation
18 hours, 15 minutes ago Not sure if there are any NBA fans here but I am sure many do remember this incident. This is exactly why I don't believe the armed society being a polite society nonsense.
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Our old cyberstalker pal Chuck C. Johnson had quite a night last night. Tomorrow his response to Gawker in the defamation suit he filed is due in Missouri; he’s filed for three extensions on the due date so far, and I think this time he has no choice but …

Photos: The People Who Turned Out to Support Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

“Intolerance is a beautiful thing”
9/07/15 1:44:05 pm
The first great blog I enjoyed in the terrible days after the 2000 election was called "Media Whores Online." Time for a revival? The media seems to have lost its mind as much as it did after the election of ...
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Erick Erickson Responds to Kim Davis Contempt of Court Arrest: “What Day Does the Civil War Start?”

Time to start killing in the name of Jesus
439Bubblehead II
9/03/15 5:26:50 pm
Lizards. Calling it a night. See you in the A.M. But being the cantankerous individual that I am and because it irks a certain Lizard. Here's some music. Don't click if you don't want to listen. And a WTF to ...
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Chuck C. Johnson Quotes White Supremacist Source in His Latest Racist Rant

He should just embrace who he is, because he isn’t fooling anyone
7/08/15 6:14:12 am
re: #59 Eric The Fruit Bat Now, how would Chuckles know this? As far as I can tell, there's only two ways he could KNOW that black women aren't desirable to rapists: 1. He's conducted a survey among rapists and ...
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American Thinker Comes Up With the Craziest Obama-Iran Conspiracy Theory Yet

Great googly moogly!
4/26/15 8:46:39 am
The level of casual malice here is jaw-dropping. The author never thought once about what she was saying--- (1) Small-scale nuclear war. As if it would stay small. Israel would not sit quietly if a couple of nukes were detonated ...
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Life With Gohmert: “Stop Slapping Israel Around, Obama! It’s Time to Bomb Iran!”

Good Christian Louie wants some killin’ done
3/19/15 3:06:20 pm
"...but the American people aren't buying it and you're going to pay a price," Gohmert said." Well, Louie, just this week 68% of Americans supported the talks and treaty. 29% oppose it. You aren't even speaking for the American people ...
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