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CNN Hires Abusive Liar Fired by Trump Campaign

6/23/16 6:33:28 pm
re: #482 HappyWarrior The millions of whites on disability, welfare, food stamps, or work for the government and vote for Republican politicians that tell them the OTHER people on disability, welfare, food stamps, or work for the government are lazy ...

Well, this is the grotesque media news of the day, as a man who abuses women and lies professionally for a racist candidate gets a paid job at CNN: Corey Lewandowski to join CNN.

Surveillance video showed Trump aide Corey Lewandowski grabbing reporter Michelle Fields

FL State Attorney Won’t Prosecute Trump Aide Lewandowski, Chuck C. Johnson Takes Credit

The Rage Furby thinks he won again
4/14/16 7:41:04 pm
re: #99 Nojay UK Jenette Goldstein, who later played one of Murtaugh and Riggs' team members who got offed by the South Africans in Lethal Weapon 2 (she got blown up on the diving board of her pool), then as ...

Donald Trump Suggests He Might “Press Charges” Against Michelle Fields

Says Fields grabbed him
3/30/16 8:34:37 am
I wonder what will happen if he sues, she countersues, and she wins, with the court calling on the chump to pay all her court costs and whatever fees the court deems just and proper. He'll appeal all the way ...

New Battery Design Could Be Breakthrough for Electric Cars

A ‘significant advance’ in battery architecture
6/08/11 5:20:31 am
This is the sort of thing that is going to change our whole economic and environmental equation. It will be technological advances of this type which eventually lead to a technological revolution and it will change our overall economic conditions ...