Video: Trump Shoves Montenegro Prime Minister Out of the Way to Get in Front of Camera at NATO Summit

Days without embarrassing America: 0
5/25/17 8:15:38 pm
re: #292 FormerDirtDart Old poors are on Medicaid.

This classless buffoon continues to embarrass the United States on the world stage, shoving Montenegro Prime Minister Duško Marković out of the way so he can get in front of the cameras at the NATO Summit meeting in Brussels today. Then he sticks his nose in the air and …

Video: Terrorism Expert Says Trump’s Reckless Rhetoric Harms Counter-Terrorism Efforts

ISIS is “probably cutting videos of this right now”
315Barefoot Grin
3/22/16 6:39:43 pm
re: #262 GlutenFreeJesus I really don't understand it. I really don't. It hit me as hard as 9/11 (the Virginia Tech shooting, too). But I try to forget the way I imagined these children dying in the days and weeks ...

Mass Murder in Belgium - Pamela Geller Instantly Assumes ‘Muslim(s)!’

Geller immediately exploits a terrible crime for her own hateful purposes
12/13/11 4:05:47 pm
Just an aside, the Hollywood shooter the other day was also immediately branded a Jihadi over at Atlas Shrugs, I haven't been back to see if there's a retraction or not, probably not because there was one eye witness who ...

Vlaams Belang: Friends of Israel?

742galloping granny
11/10/08 5:45:22 pm
re: #736 J.S. I only hope that it matters whether the American public is more intelligent that the Obamatons. I'm afraid that barring some miracle with the Electoral College, it is too late. Much too late.

Vlaams Belang Head at Nazi Book Fair - Update: VB Event at Neo-Nazi Pub

11/12/08 12:29:06 pm
Congrats. Now try using my real name. Or don't. Because your goal is already apparent enough: you want to make the point that the VB is "not even remotely, in quality and scope" anything like Islamists (and consequently no one ...

Vlaams Belang Member Arrested for Organizing Neo-Nazi Concert

11/07/08 8:56:35 am
I read a critique of Eurabia a while back that posited that Europe had nothing to really fear. The writer argued, without much sarcasm, that Europe had invented industrial strength genocide and that long before Europe falls the trains will ...