The Return of VP Candidate Sarah Palin?

Half-governor redux
335retired cynic
5/16/16 12:02:14 pm
re: #320 PhillyPretzel I just saw it.

Could this election possibly get any weirder? After all, we already have a racist Birther billionaire running for president on the GOP side, so how could it get any more bizarre than it already is? Answer: if that racist Birther billionaire selects Sarah Palin as his running mate. …

Resigning staffers blame Ben Carson's business manager, Armstrong Williams, for problems in the campaign

Ben Carson Campaign in Chaos as Top Advisers Quit, Blaming Armstrong Williams

1/02/16 5:23:22 am
re: #83 Lidane The response should be "and then breast-feeding women should be able to shoot and kill you for assaulting them and their baby." Funny how that 2nd Amenment concealed/open carry thing seems to work only 1 way in ...

Yet Another Massive Fail From Right Wing Troll Chuck C. Johnson: He Didn’t Find Who Ben Carson Claimed to Stab

This guy
548Jebediah, RBG
12/02/15 12:03:28 pm
re: #519 Bird in the Paw We used to have a great Ethiopian restaurant that was always empty (well, there was that one time we ate there and there were two other parties - felt really crowded!) but always had ...
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Good Grief; Now Ben Carson Is Also Saying He “Saw the Film” of Muslims Cheering in New Jersey on 9/11

Untethered from reality
11/24/15 6:46:08 am
I vaguely recall seeing footage of a dozen people or so in the Palestinian territories celebrating. Has footage of a handful of people in Gaza somehow transformed in Trump and Carson's minds into "thousands" in New Jersey?
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Podcast O’ the Day: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 11/19/15

347gocart mozart
11/20/15 7:27:04 pm
@GovMikeHuckabee God is not going to defeat Allah because they are kinda of the same deity. I think you are thinking of Zeus?— gocart mozart (@attymix1) November 21, 2015

Ben Carson Says Syrian Refugees Are Like “Rabid Dogs”

Dehumanization proceeds apace
11/19/15 10:36:40 pm
Well, actually Ben Carson said that terrorists among the refugees are like rabid dogs, and only compared the refugees to normal dogs. Just to be accurate about the bad comparison choice he made.
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The Right Wing Hate Machine Goes … There

Pushing an agenda straight out of history
11/20/15 5:15:38 am
There is no patriarical head of the GOP anymore to talk the base off their cliff. There is no Reagan or even Bush Jr., who despite their shared simplistic dumbness at least had some sort of conscience in regards to ...
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Ben Carson Says Al Qaeda Wasn’t a Threat in 2003

11/18/15 3:48:11 am
What? He actually said "global jihad movement,"! This must be a liberal media trick! Don't all GOTPs INSIST that they be called "Muslim/Islamic terrorists"? I'm waiting for all other GOTP candidates to call Carson a sympathizer and America-hater!