In Which Ben Shapiro Blatantly Twists Obama’s Words (Again)

The dishonest propaganda never stops
69Shiplord Kirel
10/12/15 6:57:42 pm
re: #64 The Vicious Babushka What are those made from? Fossil mammoth hide?
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Right wingers do this ridiculous word-twisting game all the time, distorting absolutely anything President Obama says to make it look like he’s an evil tyrant who hates America. But this one is especially egregious and flat stupid, and it comes from Breitbart clown Ben Shapiro, published at something called …

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Breitbart Manbaby John Nolte

These people are not right in the head
7/27/15 10:57:52 am
My litmus test on who I accept as friends on Facebook has gotten very simple: Do they "like" Brietbart, Convicted Felon Dinesh D'Souza, Red State, or any of those ridiculous sites? If so, we don't need to go any further ...
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And Now, a Tender Moment of Self-Beclownment Brought to You by TruthRevolt

Massive fail of the day
1/05/15 1:18:52 pm
I never took the time to understand what concern tolling meant. Thanks for that. I do fit the profile. Would I still, if I said "You jerks stop being mean to Sara!" That might move me into an ordinary troll ...
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After Falling for Fake “Friends of Hamas,” Ben Shapiro Calls Real Journalist a “Hack”

Right wing journalism
2/20/13 6:18:28 pm
Disinformation 101: conservative pundits and politicians take turns making crap up and then proceed to cite each other ("There are stories out there that blah, blah, blah occurred/was said/etc.") as justification for propagating the fallacious stories. This is what happens ...
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Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro Makes Up Another Fake Story to Smear Hagel, GOP Runs With It

A pro-Hamas group that doesn’t exist
2/14/13 3:48:32 pm
What timing, to delay or maybe block the confirmation of a Secretary of Defense, for no particular reason, two days after the North Korean nuclear test. This is really putting party before country.
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