Stupidest Man on the Internet Starts the Week With a Huge Lie About Benghazi

Just a flat out lie from start to finish
5/18/15 7:08:16 pm
re: #235 teleskiguy But he's probably right. Grover Nordquist has the proto-corpse in the bathtub with its head under water.
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On this fine Monday morning, Jim Hoft, fabled Dumbest Man on the Internet (also known as the Stupidest Man on the Internet, or SMOTI), decided it was time to circulate a huge, blatant lie about Benghazi, with a screaming headline about a BREAKING REPORT SMOKING GUN! at Fox News that …

Rachel Maddow interviews Tim Huelskamp about SOTU, Huelskamp Benghazis

1/30/14 12:50:03 pm
re: #92 Pie-onist Overlord Interestingly, the first quote from Reagan is not about protecting freedoms, which he didn't, but "the people," which is interesting. In light of the oft-repeated truism about one's safety being in direct proportion to one's liberty. ...
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New York Times Investigative Report Destroys Right Wing Myths About Benghazi Attack

“Fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam”
1/01/14 6:02:09 pm
re: #228 Kragar In one of those pictures you see a love handle. Love handles are normally not allowed in the modeling industry. Anything over a size 4 is plus sized to them. To me that only thing that makes ...

Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Send-Up of 60 Minutes’ Benghazi Fail

When it turned out to be wrong they fact-checked it for reals, yo
11/13/13 5:34:10 am
re: #117 Dark_Falcon Just make sure you only use a cellphone to contact work, and then when they call, you can be anywhere in the country you need to be. "I'm sorry. I'm in California and by the time I ...
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