They’ll Be Dancing the Benghazi Boogaloo at Opening Night of the RNC

Beyond parody
575Eventual Carrion
7/14/16 1:49:35 pm
re: #447 Shiplord Kirel Their Donald ducks?

It’s going to be the most bizarre Republican convention ever — and yet, in a way the most predictable: Speakers at Donald Trump’s Convention: An Astronaut, a Quarterback, but No Sarah Palin. Featuring an entire night devoted to the Republican Party’s endlessly absurd obsession with… BENGHAZI!

House Benghazi Commission Ends With a Piteous Whimper

And now… nothing
6/28/16 4:18:04 pm
As innocent as Reagan "allowing" 240 US Marines to be blown up...then doing absolutely NOTHING about it. In other words, a total waste of taxpayer money, cynically spent on pure politics.

Ted Nugent: “Chimpass” Obama Should Be “Hung”

Rock star has-been who hangs with white supremacists lets it all hang out
1/21/16 7:32:50 am
Ted has become no different than Ann Coulter. He knows he can say something outrageous and get in the news, hoping that sells more of his albums and curious 14 year old girls want to visit.
Benghazi doge is amaze

Right Wing Head Explosions Imminent: House GOP Panel Finds No Obama Wrongdoing in Benghazi Attack

Wingnuts will continue screaming anyway, of course
618De Kolta Chair
8/04/14 11:48:55 am
re: #328 Islamo-Masonic Conspirator If that doesn't work out it looks like it would make an excellent still.