WSJ: US Monitored Contacts Between Israel and GOP Members of Congress as They Tried to Subvert Iran Deal

Outrageous, but not for the reason the right wing media want you to believe
12/30/15 2:53:00 pm
re: #244 KGxvi LOL--QFT. Thanks.

Right wing sites all over the net are screaming that this report from the Wall Street Journal proves President Obama “hates Israel.” For example: But if you actually read about what was going on, the Obama administration had very good reason to continue surveillance of Netanyahu and his right …

Poll: 57% of Israeli Voters Think Netanyahu Should Have Supported Obama

Israeli voters say Bibi should not have opposed the President
5/27/11 8:55:06 pm
re: #45 goddamnedfrank It's the same problem I have with the rest of the world's ideas on Israel: that Israel has to give up land for peace (or even stop building in her own country!) to placate people who openly ...

Eric Cantor to Netanyahu: The GOP Majority Will Be a ‘Check on the Obama Administration’

11/14/10 6:40:43 pm
re: #365 Mich-again You are taking the statement at face value. The whole point of charles's post is what the implied meaning is, which is that the republican party will gleefully oppose obama on behalf of a foreign entity. If ...