American Family Association Loon Bryan Fischer: Dinosaurs Were Just Giant, 1,000-Year-Old Lizards

Finally, an explanation that makes sense
12/23/15 2:46:35 am
re: #299 Barefoot Grin The Senior Dads already mused on this very subject back in July, via Todd Starnes and his declaration of love for Trump's All-American "man parts".

Bryan Fischer has a theory about dinosaurs, and it is his theory, which is his, even though he’s “not a scientist or whatever.” It’s a really good theory, based on the Bible of course, because what else do you need to know? If the Bible says Methuselah was a …

Ben Carson Says the Bible Backs Up His Crackpot Theory About the Pyramids

“I don’t find that to be silly at all”
11/06/15 5:37:07 am
Actually, the idea that the pyramids were Graineries has been around a long time. Although it looks like he is trying real hard to own it and his creationist beliefs.