Far Right PAC Releases Deceptive Video to Make It Seem Like Bill Clinton Was Bashing Obama

Another fraudulent attack - and Bernie Sanders helps them spread it
3/23/16 2:02:15 am
The fact that Bernie Sanders's campaign used that 24 second right wing hit piece against Obama and Clinton tells you all you need to know about the people running Sanders's campaign and the man himself. If your willing to adopt ...
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Here’s the latest deceptive video being circulated by right wingers to smear Bill Clinton by taking a statement out of context. Notice: it’s a 24-second clip, posted to YouTube by the far right propaganda PAC calling itself “America Rising.” Here’s the full statement with the sections cut out of …

Breitbart “News” Bombshell Report on Loretta Lynch and Whitewater Is Totally Wrong

Another triumph of right wing journalism
394retired cynic
11/09/14 6:29:38 pm
re: #384 Vicious Piebola My elderly husband (a true liberal) clicked on some bait, and got on several lists like this. He got more and more upset, and I couldn't understand what he was upset about, and finally he was ...

Rand Paul in a Time Warp: Bill Clinton’s Infidelity Should Be a Campaign Issue

What kind of twisted mind thinks the way to attack Hillary Clinton is by bringing up Bill Clinton’s affair?
1/27/14 4:00:53 pm
Just a note: Monica was 22 when she met Bill. When she was subpoenaed, she was 23 or 24. The right wing always says 20, though they've all been corrected many times. Wonder why they might stick to a number ...
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2012 Democratic Convention, the Night of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton brings the house down
762Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/06/12 12:20:24 pm
re: #760 Daniel Ballard Who is saying they're inherently incapable of doing a good job? I'm saying that, demonstrably, on a number of occasions, they haven't done a good job. I'm not alleging a pattern of bias. I'm saying they ...
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Live Video: 2012 Dem Convention Day 2, Thread 2

Sandra Fluke, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren
9/06/12 12:44:01 pm
re: #52 Buck I agree with you about Carter & yes, half the delegates at that "vote" did show exactly what they thought (Or, at least, less than half were louder than more than half - it could have been ...
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DNC Schedule for September 5: Featuring Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren

9/06/12 9:16:55 am
re: #77 Targetpractice Ditto. And if anyone thinks that the Taliban would not have arrested Bin Laden, we should point out the Taliban were in discussions with the USA on oil pipeline routes and were in the USA to negotiate. ...
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Andrew Breitbart’s Race-Baiting Fake Outrage Du Jour

Still more race-baiting from the right wing sleaze bag
204Der Flohgeisteffekt
10/03/11 8:43:32 pm
re: #203 ggt eh...(wiggles hand)...not so much. The French certainly like to paint that picture retrospectively, but then again they kept their colonial black subjects at considerable distance. Rather like the British, while the people of color were out of ...