Sarah Palin Shills for Climate Change Deniers, Says Bill Nye Isn’t a Scientist

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4/15/16 11:58:48 pm
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Since we last wrote about her Sarah Palin hasn’t gotten any smarter, and now she’s hooked up with one of the main attack dogs of the climate change denial gang, Marc Morano, a paid oil industry shill who’s promoting a horrible movie called “Climate Hustle.” One of the main …

Great Video: Bill Nye Helps You Refresh Your Understanding of the Basic Science of Climate Change

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11/09/14 7:19:24 pm
At the risk of monopolizing this thread (TOO LATE!!), I would say that a tough winter makes the spring so much sweeter. But in fact Spring for me is 8 weeks of chilly rainy windy weather from mid-February to mid-April. ...

Video: Bill Nye Debates Climate Change Denier Marsha Blackburn

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2/18/14 9:45:00 am
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Glenn Beck Attacks Bill Nye for Opposing the Teaching of Creationism to Kids

If you don’t support keeping children ignorant, you’re just like the people who imprisoned Galileo
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1/22/14 6:08:10 pm
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