Video, March 2011: Donald Trump Exploits the Birther Conspiracy Theory on Fox News

Building a base of lunatics
7/02/16 12:12:15 pm
re: #319 Backwoods_Sleuth Thanks--just blocked around 50 accounts based on the responses to that.
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Donald Trump says he doesn’t want to discuss this any more, but it’s time to start reminding the voting public how this raging bigot made his bones with the right wing — by pandering to the racist Birther movement. There was a time when the US media were telling …

Mother Jones Blows the Whistle on Bill O’Reilly’s Numerous “War Zone” Lies

So much worse than Brian Williams
2/20/15 2:11:07 pm
re: #171 lostlakehiker Read the whole article, and ALL of the quotes. They aren't all as innocuous as the one you're focusing on. Are you really surprised that someone like Bill might just be a liar and a bullshit artist? ...
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It’s On: Wingnut Radio Host Says Bill O’Reilly’s Marriage Equality Remarks Are a “Hanging Offense”

The problem with the rebranding scam
141Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All
4/02/13 9:15:12 am
re: #133 Dark_Falcon My error, I should have simply said Religious conservatives with a small c and given more context. I keep forgetting that people can't read my mind to discover my intent. :)
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Inadvertent Wingnut Humor of the Day: O’Reilly Tries to Understand ‘Gangnam Style’

100Bill and Opus for 2016!
12/01/12 3:31:07 pm
re: #99 Kaessa Windows 7 automatically turns it off as well if you are fully patched to latest updates. I just installed a 256GB SSD and cloned my existing drive over last night. Went a lot smoother than I thought ...
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