It’s Official: Fox News Is Giving Bill O’Reilly the Boot

4/20/17 5:58:02 am
re: #335 Backwoods_Sleuth We are all galloping to that trumpet...

Rumors have been flying for the past few days that Fox News was preparing to axe ratings king Bill O’Reilly, after a slew of advertisers abandoned his show when reports surfaced that O’Reilly had settled multiple sexual harassment complaints. Well, now it isn’t just rumors — it’s official. It’s …

And Now, John Oliver’s Hilarious Take on the Bill O’Reilly Scandal

Warning: possibly NSFW
4/10/17 8:35:17 pm
re: #208 KGxvi The crowd is very douchey and not appreciative of the rare acts that get on the bill, so yeah it's a shitty experience for many. I'm hesitant on going back precisely because of the ever-growing douche factor, ...

Alec Baldwin Does Double Duty: The O’Reilly Factor With Donald Trump, SNL-Style

4/10/17 12:54:37 pm
re: #166 The Vicious Babushka If a flight is overbooked how in the fuck does the airline try to resolve that by pulling already embarked passengers off the plane? It's first come first served, the answer is to stop boarding ...

Did Bill O’Reilly Fabricate a “Combat Situation” During the Falklands War?

It wasn’t a war zone - it was an “expense account zone”
2/22/15 12:29:01 pm
re: #20 Justanotherhuman Wait, so Billo thinks he discovered that there were gay folks in P-town in the mid 1980s? Little bit slow on the draw there, O'Reilly. Growing up in Mass., I knew about P-Town in the 50s and ...

Updates on Bill O’Reilly’s “War Zones” Scandal

Billo has a problem
2/21/15 11:42:22 am
re: #380 blueraven About the only thing in that article I can credit Wiegel for is acknowledging the bullshit about how the Iranian Hostage Crisis ended because Reagan became president. The rest is usual "Our shit don't stink!" business from ...

Mother Jones Blows the Whistle on Bill O’Reilly’s Numerous “War Zone” Lies

So much worse than Brian Williams
2/20/15 2:11:07 pm
re: #171 lostlakehiker Read the whole article, and ALL of the quotes. They aren't all as innocuous as the one you're focusing on. Are you really surprised that someone like Bill might just be a liar and a bullshit artist? ...

Pastor Tells Fox News: Obama’s Getting Us Ready to Embrace the Anti-Christ

Keeping the Fox audience superstitious and deluded
43Charles Johnson
1/22/14 4:04:35 pm
'Unprecedented treachery': Australian minister lashes out at Edward Snowden | The Raw Story — Kragar (@Kragar_LGF) January 22, 2014

It’s On: Wingnut Radio Host Says Bill O’Reilly’s Marriage Equality Remarks Are a “Hanging Offense”

The problem with the rebranding scam
141Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All
4/02/13 9:15:12 am
re: #133 Dark_Falcon My error, I should have simply said Religious conservatives with a small c and given more context. I keep forgetting that people can't read my mind to discover my intent. :)

Video: Jon Stewart’s Epic Rant on “The War on Christmas”

In two parts
12/05/12 2:21:55 am
So he's not going to mention the fact that the displays were banned from public land because the atheists' displays kept on getting vandalized? Nope, Jon Stewart (as usual) takes the easy path and blames that favorite scapegoat, atheists who ...