Wingnut Artist McNaughton Comes Out as Hardcore Birther, Cites as Source

Not that he has ever been subtle
5/31/12 6:41:37 pm
What a dope. No wonder why Hannity loves him.

Recently Sean Hannity’s favorite “artist” Jon McNaughton, whose Mormon/JW leaflet-style painting “One Nation Under God” was too extreme for Brigham Young University (McNaughton is a BYU alum) and who thinks that lectures about evolution at BYU show it has a problem with “Liberalism”, has come out as a hardcore birther …

Corsi: Still Trying to Work the Birther Angle

A good scam never dies
5/27/11 2:23:18 am
I realize I'm a little late to this thread, but it's worth pointing out that the book is still doing quite well, #59 on and 535 on Kindle at the moment. I was just at Book Expo America, and ...

WaPo Poll: The Birther Movement Collapses

Hope for the human race after all?
5/05/11 8:03:00 pm
Well, I think Trump gave the birther nuttiness a bubble-like peak which ultimately helped bring it low. It's now way below critical mass and cannot sustain itself. But the main point of my comment #49 was a pun.

Birther Mastermind Wants Judge Tried for Treason

9/17/09 6:38:53 pm
re: #540 Jimmah Precisely. Bigotry, hypocrisy, and cowardice. We know he's monitoring this thread, because he immediately ran over here to downding me-- but all is silence for the moment from our resident howler monkey. It's more his style to ...

Craziest Blogger Rants About Nirth Certifikit at Newsmax

8/08/09 12:14:30 am
Salaams kufr! Tha kaafir are nothing if not inventive! They are always giving Aisha good ideas for the waging of the internet jihaad. For example, do you know that the Zionazi persecuters of the Palestinians, Sharon and Eshkol were born ...