Right Wing Bloggers Ranting in Unison; Never Gets Old

3/01/14 10:02:27 am
re: #58 chadu No, it's from a column she wrote during the Elian Gonzales thing, that contained a passage about magic dolphins saving Elian, possibly including references to Jesus.

Well, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer really poked a stick into the right wing hive mind by vetoing the Republican attempt to enshrine anti-gay bigotry as “religious freedom.” Today the wingnut blogosphere is absolutely full of out of control unison ranting, but my favorite loony comments so far come from … …

Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Reject GOP’s Crazed Attacks on Birth Control

Snake oil fail
209Stephen T.
3/16/12 4:06:35 pm
re: #26 brownbagj The bold part is something that very, very few Conservatives believe in, and, even fewer Libertarians. Those Republicans that do believe in government providing an equal playing field are usually called rinos.

NC GOP County Board: ‘If These Young Women Didn’t Have the Sex We’d Be Fine’

The Republican Party: dragging women back to the Stone Age, one state at a time
3/14/12 9:27:28 pm
re: #34 Lidane So, if this is their problem, why are they against homosexuality as well? Yes, in case ANYONE missed it, that was SARCASM!

Sandra Fluke: Slurs Won’t Silence Women

As the right wing continues psychotically lying about her
3/13/12 3:01:55 pm
Charles' comment about Sandra Fluke's attackers not being able to use the excuse of ignorance anymore applies just as well to those who've made a career of attacking evolution or climate science. The average Joe or Jane on the street ...

Sarah Palin’s Word Salad of the Day: Apologizing for Limbaugh

“Never is that the same applied to the leftist radicals”
3/07/12 4:28:58 pm
I noticed that there was a lot of gloating on many rightwing blogs yesterday that Carbonite's stock had allegedly dropped by some 12% after they pulled out of sponsoring Limbaugh's program (it was down only 8.7% when I checked to ...

Video Compilation: Rush Limbaugh’s Ugly Attacks on Law Student Sandra Fluke

3/05/12 8:54:32 pm
I have to say that the part about how he should get to watch videos of the woman having sex is really creepy -- like dirty old man prowling in the park in an overcoat creepy. I also think it's ...

Peter Gabriel to Rush Limbaugh: Stop Using My Music

3/06/12 7:13:17 am
re: #6 Phlebas I have that Green Genesis compilation on Itunes that has everything through Lambs of Broadway. It has something like 80 tracks to it, and I could literally listen to it every damned day if it came down ...

Limbaugh Blames His Hate Speech on the Left (Of Course)

But the mask has dropped
3/05/12 4:03:25 pm
re: #200 Kronocide Somebody help me here...what was that rap song that specifically called out a private individual about her (alleged) sex life, 53 times? I just can't quite think of it...anyone? anyone?

Video: Sandra Fluke’s Testimony That Drove the Right Wing Crazy

Let’s face it - they don’t even know what she said
178Jimmi the Grey
3/03/12 3:40:25 pm
re: #177 The Ineffable Name Yeah, i know, just making clear the implications of what is being asserted by denying that he isn't der(p) leader.

Advertisers Bailing Out on Rush Limbaugh

Rush’s Rubicon
3/02/12 8:58:05 pm
Interesting contrast in ideologies can be seen in boycott petitions. Conservatives call for boycotts against companies and broadcasts that promote compassion, whereas progressives champion boycotts against companies and broadcasts that espouse intolerance.