NY Times Profiled Trump’s Racist Birther Butler in March

“Mr. Senecal, 74, has worked at the property for nearly 60 years”
150Lancelot Link
5/12/16 8:31:34 pm
re: #149 Belafon Certain to become an interplanetary delinquent.
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The Trump campaign is busily denying now that his racist Birther ex-butler Anthony Senecal works at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. “He hasn’t in many years,” they say. But oddly enough, this puff piece on Senecal from just a couple of months ago in the New York Times sure seems to …

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump Picks Up the Coveted Endorsement of Another Nativist Birther, Joe Arpaio

When birthers collide
490Shiplord Kirel
1/26/16 6:07:34 pm
re: #481 Targetpractice If they can get a net over the whole baboon troop, especially the alpha males, and do it without bloodshed, it could be a tremendous blow to the whole gun-humper conspiracy industry and its numerous deluded disciples. ...
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Jim Hoft, Stupidest Man on the Internet, Beclowns Himself Yet Again; Thinks C-SPAN Has Gone Birther

Hoft really should read his own links
11/21/15 8:49:15 pm
re: #35 Mattand I remember when Stu Nahan was the Flyers announcer in the '60s. The games were on a tiny TV station in Camden NJ, and Stu also did the afternoon kids' cartoon show--as "Captain Philadelphia"
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Video: WH Press Secretary: Offensive Views Are Part of Trump’s (And the GOP’s) Base

“Those are the priorities of today’s Republican Party”
113Eric The Fruit Bat
9/18/15 6:19:45 pm
re: #62 A Mom Anon I heard her on BBC World Service about a month ago. Fascinating person. Also, Jim Bakker's son also is following quite a different path from his old old man as well when it comes to ...
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