Watch Live: CPAC 2018, Day 2, Featuring Far Right Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist Frank Gaffney

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re: #142 allegro Understood. But you can bet they'll be getting gutted by the nra side.

Oh, here we go. In the Trump era, Birther and extreme anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney is no longer persona non grata; this year he gets to harangue the crowd about Sekrit Muslim Plots from the main stage. (Note: the video begins with the current speaker, but you can …

Breitbart “News” Uses Photo of Ape to Illustrate Trump’s Birther Press Conference

The racism is right in your face nowadays
190Jebediah, RBG
9/19/16 10:38:00 am
re: #101 Trumpia est omnis divisa in duo calathi(Sophist) brilliant - and yeah, there is a good chance that white-supremacist dopes will be saved by people they are convinced are inferior.

The Latest Idea From the National Review Brain Trust: Stop Hillary by Impeaching Her Now

353Jebediah, RBG
9/07/16 5:49:49 am
re: #210 Charles Johnson Absolutely true, he doesn't deserve that gesture of respect. But the trump-accommodating media would flip their shit. I think she should shake his hand but give him the same stare prizefighters give each other when they ...

Kansas Sec. of State Kobach’s Office Puts Out Spanish Voter Guide With Wrong Deadline

“An administrative error”
4/11/16 9:29:01 pm
re: #178 Stanley Sea There's some subtle political difference between Pat's and Geno's (something about the owners, or locations, or clientele), but they taste the same.
Credit: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump Picks Up the Coveted Endorsement of Another Nativist Birther, Joe Arpaio

When birthers collide
490Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines
1/26/16 6:07:34 pm
re: #481 Targetpractice If they can get a net over the whole baboon troop, especially the alpha males, and do it without bloodshed, it could be a tremendous blow to the whole gun-humper conspiracy industry and its numerous deluded disciples. ...
Joseph Sohm /

Constitutional Law Professor: Ted Cruz Is Not Eligible to Be President

This isn’t “birtherism,” because Cruz really wasn’t born in the US
1/12/16 9:25:18 pm
re: #341 bratwurst Leave it to little Debbie to find a way to inject Islamaphobia into the news of Bowie's death.

Trump Touts Bogus Poll From Birther Conspiracy Site World Net Daily to Show Minorities Support Him

The GOP leader gets even more ridiculous
12/29/15 8:40:05 pm
re: #291 KingKenrod Page 40, lines 15-19 state clearly that posting was not part of determination. Item 3 contains nothing that contradicts lines 15-19.

Jim Hoft, Stupidest Man on the Internet, Beclowns Himself Yet Again; Thinks C-SPAN Has Gone Birther

Hoft really should read his own links
11/21/15 8:49:15 pm
re: #35 Mattand I remember when Stu Nahan was the Flyers announcer in the '60s. The games were on a tiny TV station in Camden NJ, and Stu also did the afternoon kids' cartoon show--as "Captain Philadelphia"

Mark Halperin Suggests Man Who Asked Trump About “Getting Rid” of Muslims Was a Plant

It’s not just right wingers
178Sherlock Hound
9/19/15 11:32:28 pm
re: #63 nines09 I will be chilled to the bone if I see that today. The photo does it no justice--that sign has to be three stories high and Il Duce's sculpted head is at least 10 feet across. Just ...

Video: WH Press Secretary: Offensive Views Are Part of Trump’s (And the GOP’s) Base

“Those are the priorities of today’s Republican Party”
113The Major
9/18/15 6:19:45 pm
re: #62 A Mom Anon I heard her on BBC World Service about a month ago. Fascinating person. Also, Jim Bakker's son also is following quite a different path from his old old man as well when it comes to ...