The Trump Gang Was Warned Last Month That Flynn Was Vulnerable to Russian Blackmail

2/16/17 4:01:38 pm
re: #29 Charles Johnson I wonder if it is the same phone he used as a flashlight for his "situation room...ummm dinner table" conference with the Japanese PM the other night.

Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Adviser is all over the news, but here’s the piece I found most interesting — because it’s a clear indication that the Trump gang not only knew abut Flynn’s Russia problem long ago, they covered up the information and did nothing about it: …

UK Intelligence Officials Vouch for Credibility of Trump “Golden Showers” Dossier

“Not the sort of person who will simply pass on gossip”
1/13/17 1:16:11 am
re: #191 HappyWarrior That is why we need to start calling them right wing elites. They think they are better than everyone else. Next talking point: Tell the "Alt Right" the "White Genocide" they are afraid of they voted for. ...
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