Video: Trump Lies About Opposing Iraq War, Says He Would Have Caught Bin Laden Before 9/11

Lying to your face, even when he knows it’s provably false
201The Major
9/08/16 6:35:01 pm
re: #69 darthstar When I had my colonoscopy last month they used propofol ("Milk of amnesia")-I was out in 30 seconds. Previously they used fentanyl and midazolam, which did not knock me out. I'm on the 5-year schedule due to ...
Albert H. Teich /

Donald Trump Tries to Defend His Antisemitic Tweet by Comparing It to Disney’s “Frozen”

Hard to believe how insane this is getting
7/07/16 12:44:45 pm
Rep Richard Hudson (R-NC) just introduced an amendment to a spending bill that he described as "refusing to fund any regulations by Obama".