Lots of mouth. Small brain-case. What is this atavistic species?

Circular Firing Squad: GOP the Day After Nikki Haley Attacks Trump

Set hair on fire. Run in circles. Scream. Repeat. Coherent planning? Not so much.
171The Major
1/13/16 6:40:20 pm
re: #116 teleskiguy Typical Fox News Advice from their experts.....

While I was overjoyed to see Obama talk to America like we were actual thinking, feeling adults capable of perceiving and recognizing reality (as opposed to screaming, threatening, mocking, spewing hate - this is known as foreshadowing, BTW) … … the really compelling thing that happened last night was the …

The Arc of a Bogus Right Wing Outrage

The right wing blogs and media have devolved into pathetic shills, unconcerned about integrity
593Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/11/11 8:47:28 am
re: #589 000G No, this is very wrong. Hitler wasn't right-wing because comparing politics in a totalitarian fascist regime and politics in a democracy is ridiculous. They're not on the same scale. You can't describe them with the same vocabulary. ...

Right Wing Media Fall for ‘Paul Krugman’ Impersonator

Because they want so much to believe it
8/25/11 12:37:35 am
Once again, smart people verify as best they can the data that is presented to them before making a conclusion. Sort of like what scientists do, which of course those most likely to have been fooled are not the biggest ...

Wingnut Blog Fail of the Week: Obama Took Down the Ground Zero Flag

5/07/11 8:20:27 pm
Many right wingers, in an act of desperation to find new talking points to form the basis of their anti-Obama vitriol -- job growth stalling? ... dead, medicare repeal? ... dead, health care reform repeal? ... dead, birth certificate denial? ...

Wingnut Blog Fail of the Day: Aaron Worthing

‘Something called UTC, probably Asian’
4/18/11 10:23:11 pm
re: #101 boredtechindenver I can imagine that in Worthing's terminal state of ignorance he would associate it with Zulu warriors throwing spears at God-fearing white people, and make a free-association with Obama in the White House.

Tech Note: LGF Pages Bookmarklet, Now with Image Uploading

5/26/10 6:53:32 am
Just seeing this today and wanted to say it's great and thank you very much. Question regarding text formatting. If I look at one of your posts, say this one as an example: littlegreenfootballs.com You've got that cool, dark background ...