American Religious Fanatics Praise Uganda for Making Homosexuality Illegal

Bad craziness
11/25/12 4:55:34 pm
re: #120 KiTA Ok, am I allowed to be a little weirded out that the Israeli Embassy in Los Angeles followed me as a result of this particular tweet?

The far right freakazoids at World Net Daily are praising Uganda’s fanatical Christian fundamentalist president today for making homosexual behavior illegal and for staging a public show of “repentance.” And American Christian Taliban leaders are pointing at Uganda as a future model for the United States. For another example: American …

Right Wing Blogger Calls for Police to Gun Down Occupy Protesters

And he calls himself a Christian
3/18/12 7:58:43 pm
re: #332 erik_t Hard to tell. There are still people DOING things. Here in the Bay Area, they've essentially become indistinguishable from much of the rest of the mass of the activist community/fringe left/etc. Same leadership, same goals, same basic ...

Bloodthirsty ‘Anti-Jihad’ Bloggers Rant Crazily About Apologies for Koran-Burning

The Bigot Brigade calls for wholesale slaughter, not apologies
3/01/12 2:33:59 pm
Charles Johnson, I saw this story Mirrored over at Loon Watch. I made a suggestion to them that maybe one of these days they should interview you. Would like that?