Brace Yourself: White House Officials Say Trump’s Going to Get Even Worse

329Eventual Carrion
1 week, 6 days ago
re: #247 Backwoods_Sleuth Can I get it a life insurance policy on it? Seeing how only 30 - 40 % of conceptions make it to live birth, the insurance companies are going to get drained quickly.

Think Donald Trump has been off the rails lately, retweeting fascists, attacking fallen soldiers’ widows, accusing Joe Scarborough of murder, reviving his Birther conspiracy claims and saying the Access Hollywood recording was faked? According to Axios today, he’s going to get worse. Much worse. So we have that to look …

Trump Horror, Day 19: Attacks Court: “I Understand Things. I Comprehend Very Well, Better Than Almost Anybody”

Arrogant braggart attacks justice system
237John Hughes
2/09/17 8:18:42 am
re: #55 Kragar Say I criticize Operation Market Garden -- how many dead soldiers am I insulting? Nah, it was the fault of the idiots who ordered it, not the soldiers who died following those orders.