Social Conservatives Getting Worried

Will you still love me, tomorrow?
384Eventual Carrion
11/22/12 11:36:51 am
re: #383 Swampwitch I hope these states make it part of the law that the weed has to be grown by American farmers. No imports.

The religious right is beginning to feel like they were used and discarded: Social Conservatives Say They Deserve Seat at Table in Retooled GOP. Yes, because without blue-nosed theocratic fanatics like Bob Vander Plaats telling them how to think, no American would ever celebrate life.

Rick Santorum Endorsed by Fundamentalist Birther Vander Plaats

The religious right’s choice for King
55Achilles Tang
12/20/11 11:31:10 am
re: #17 Charles My thought exactly, and it was a frigging front page in the St. Pete Times, and qualified by the comment that it could have been found "true" if only elaborated by a few simple (self evident) statements. ...

Gingrich Promises Not to Commit Adultery

This time he means it
146Unshaken Defiance
12/12/11 1:25:53 pm
re: #144 sagehen I would hate to think a days pay for some workers would necessarily negate doing a protest aimed at a corporation about massive layoffs or excess executive compensation during downturns or rank & file pay cuts. When ...

Religious Right Irritated by Herman Cain’s Absurd Abortion Statements

Wingnut on wingnut action
10/21/11 11:30:47 am
Beg pardon but your party insults the intelligence of the collective planet with candidates like Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Newt and the rest of the fascists. Express suport for them, expect pushback. Go play GAZE with somebdy else, I'm not ...