Bobby Jindal Drops Out of Presidential Race

“This is not my time”
11/17/15 7:48:48 pm
re: #377 GlutenFreeJesus And might I add. No single males qualify. None. Zip. Zero.

Bobby Jindal announces on Fox News that he’s “suspending” his campaign. (Which means he’s quitting. But candidates use “suspending” so they can continue to get money from the FEC to offset their campaign costs.) His announcement on Fox News contains the usual trademark bigoted anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant message. This is …

Far right pastor Kevin Swanson

Pastor Hosting Conference With Huckabee, Cruz and Jindal Says Gay Marriage Will Lead to Cannibalism

A friend of the Republican presidential candidates
11/04/15 2:08:37 am
re: #81 Backwoods_Sleuth Sorry, Sleuth. I read on Wonkette that Bevin won. Those who either didn't vote, or who voted for him will be hurt the worst by his policies. American Exceptionalism at work - vote against your own self-interest! ...
Christopher Halloran /

Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Stalls in Senate, as Gov. Bobby Jindal Cuts Off Medicaid Funding

Jindal the creationist decides to harm the women of Louisiana
8/04/15 1:05:11 am
Louisiana is only the 8th worst in teen pregnancies, with a rate 60% than the national average. Jindal is trying to make Louisiana #1 (in something).

Following the Passage of Bobby Jindal’s Stealth Creationism Law, Louisiana Leads the Way Into the New Dark Age

Welcome to the new Dark Age
6/03/15 6:27:31 pm
re: #318 ObserverArt Very belated thanks to everyone who's adding PhotoShop tips! I'm favoriting all these comments to be able to go back to 'em.

Bobby Jindal’s Prayer Rally Explicitly Advocated a Christian Theocracy in America

Disturbing theocratic plans
363Sherlock Hound
1/26/15 10:39:39 pm
re: #183 Charles Johnson That's been around for a while. I think the sequel, "Morgan's Miraculous Meningitis", was never made due to the sudden illness of the author. ///

Bobby Jindal, Anti-Gay Hate Groups, and Religious Right Wackos Hold Prayer Rally in Louisiana

Featuring a televangelist who claims she can raise people from the dead
100De Kolta Chair
1/24/15 2:39:20 pm
re: #93 bratwurst It only applies to black presidents, at least until Ben Carson is elected Reich Chancellor, er I mean president.