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Bobby Jindal Doubles Down on Vicious Attack Against Oregon School Shooter’s Father

Appealing to the debased GOP base
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15 hours, 34 minutes ago
re: #308 Blind Frog Belly White I think you mean HIGHly UNforgettable.
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As I noted yesterday, Republican politicians never, ever back down from a batshit crazy (and/or hateful) statement, and Bobby Jindal illustrates this axiom perfectly as he defends his vicious attack on the Oregon school shooter’s father. Why is Jindal being such a horrible person? Because this grieving father spoke …

Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Stalls in Senate, as Gov. Bobby Jindal Cuts Off Medicaid Funding

Jindal the creationist decides to harm the women of Louisiana
8/04/15 1:05:11 am
Louisiana is only the 8th worst in teen pregnancies, with a rate 60% than the national average. Jindal is trying to make Louisiana #1 (in something).
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Bobby Jindal, Anti-Gay Hate Groups, and Religious Right Wackos Hold Prayer Rally in Louisiana

Featuring a televangelist who claims she can raise people from the dead
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1/24/15 2:39:20 pm
re: #93 bratwurst It only applies to black presidents, at least until Ben Carson is elected Reich Chancellor, er I mean president.
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