Yet Another Bogus Story About Clinton’s “Email Scandal” Collapses

Why is this still a thing?
4/02/16 8:28:10 am
Trey Gowdy will find a way to get this to November. That's why he needed to lower to # of agents by 135 - because 147 agents would have finished this up months ago.

You may recall that last week, all the right wing media sites and blogs blew up over a report from the Washington Post that the FBI had 147 agents currently investigating Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. The conservative …

Stupidest Man on the Internet Leads Charge to Defend McKinney Cop, as Commenters Spew Overt Racism

It didn’t take long for them to start pushing the same old racist counter-narrative
6/08/15 6:44:48 pm
re: #290 allegro Insurance and legal liability will have more leverage than the DA. He needs to be fired and charged but what are the odds on that.

Breitbart “News” Bombshell Report on Loretta Lynch and Whitewater Is Totally Wrong

Another triumph of right wing journalism
394retired cynic
11/09/14 6:29:38 pm
re: #384 Vicious Piebola My elderly husband (a true liberal) clicked on some bait, and got on several lists like this. He got more and more upset, and I couldn't understand what he was upset about, and finally he was ...

CNN Reports #Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson DID NOT Have a Fractured Eye Socket

Imagine my surprise
360Charles Johnson
8/22/14 11:47:41 am
re: #359 Green Alien I don't like unnamed sources either, but there's a huge difference between an unnamed source on CNN and an unnamed sourced from serial liar Jim Hoft. CNN gets the benefit of the doubt. Jim Hoft should ...

Pajamas Media Converges with Alex Jones

6/27/10 2:53:19 pm
I stopped taking those guys seriously, when they published article, where someone was accusing James Cameron for being responsible for increasing terror alert in the UK with his "Avatar" flick. Really. BTW: before that I was more and more embarrassed ...