Former Breitbart/Daily Caller Blogger Pays Bogus Source for Bogus Anti-Cochran “Scoop”

Please remember - this is not me
7/02/14 12:49:21 am
re: #247 Justanotherhuman *phew* Could've been worse. Could've been so much worse. BLEVE

Here we go again with yet another bogus exposé by crazed wingnut blogger Charles C. Johnson (WHO IS NOT ME), alleging that the Thad Cochran campaign in Mississippi bought votes from black voters to defeat Tea Party loon Chris McDaniel. It’s pretty amazing to see the far right uniting to …’s ‘Liberty Chick’ Responds (With Insults, of Course)

“Stop snappin’ my bra strap”
3/29/12 10:02:20 pm
Well, Dan Riehl is not much better, and he looks about the same age. Both seem to have really thin skins for being self-described journalistic heroes. Emotional maturity of 12-year-olds. Conspiracy Theory Watch: Liberty Chick’s ‘Planted Comments’ Investigation

Pretending the problem doesn’t exist
181Sir John Barron
3/29/12 8:07:55 am
Well, there were other vital INVESTIGATION BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVES, such as the Black professor dude who said something and Obama in 1991 or something. // Calls Me a ‘Liberal Non-Entity’ - on Their Front Page

Nice picture, too
207Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/22/12 2:44:51 pm
re: #206 Daniel Ballard You may be able to see it, but you can't cite it. And if the claim is that the law is badly written, the sponsor is hardly a credible witness in its defense. I don't know ... Tries to Tie Prof. Derrick Bell to Farrakhan

Still more blatant dishonesty from the Breitbart goons
3/11/12 5:31:50 pm
When I think of the late Prof. Bell, I feel only sadness because I imagine a man whose soul was broken, in many places, by forces no human being should have to face alone. In her defense of him, Sally ...

No, Prof. Derrick Bell Did Not Visit the White House in 2010

3/09/12 3:24:35 pm
re: #104 lawhawk LEDs don't produce the "desired" 3200K color temperature very well, thus not all the reluctance to using LEDs is due to politics. Dimmers for LED exist, but I suspect the method used for dimming may shorten life ...

PBS Posts Full Archived 1991 Obama Harvard Video

Breitbart bombshell turns into Big Dud
375Eventual Carrion
3/08/12 10:14:24 am
re: #164 Lidane I liked the video of GWB kissing the Saudi prince full on the mouth and walking, lovingly hand in hand through the White House Rose garden better. Had more of a loving feel to it.