Benghazi Boogaloo Claims Another Victim: Lara Logan to Take “Leave of Absence” From CBS

The Benghazi brain virus strikes again
11/26/13 4:07:54 pm
re: #77 Bulworth No they fired him when he started showing up to school functions with his girlfriend while he was still married. Mind you, this was a conservative Christian collage.

As the right wing’s bizarre fixation on Benghazi continues unabated, 60 Minutes anchor Lara Logan is being placed on “leave of absence,” following her ridiculously bogus report.

Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Send-Up of 60 Minutes’ Benghazi Fail

When it turned out to be wrong they fact-checked it for reals, yo
11/13/13 5:34:10 am
re: #117 Dark_Falcon Just make sure you only use a cellphone to contact work, and then when they call, you can be anywhere in the country you need to be. "I'm sorry. I'm in California and by the time I ...

Breitbrat Joel Pollak: The “Lickspittle” Huffington Post Is Helping Obama Impose Fascism

Breitbrats gotta rant
2/11/13 1:55:01 pm
At this point, the only difference between Pollack, John Nolte, and other Breitbart bloggers and Jim Hoft is that Hoft still includes information in his posts that contradicts his own arguments. Beyond that, Breitbrats could very well unseat Hoft as ...