New Lawsuit Alleges Yet Another Illegal NM Body Cavity Search

Law enforcement oversteps again.
1/31/14 9:01:13 am
re: #328 wheat-dogghazi Trouble with Angels? With Rosalind Russell - she played a Mother Superior. Funny movie.

More: New Lawsuit Alleges Illegal NM Body Cavity Search The $1.6 million settlement is for a case that isn’t done yet. One city and one county settled. One hospital and two doctors are still being sued. The second guy’s case hasn’t been heard yet. The woman in the El …

Elvira Arellano continues to organize and lobby for immigration reform. [Photo by Maria Ines Zamudio]

Elvira Arellano: From Undocumented Immigrant to International Activist

She even ran for a seat in México’s Congress in 2009.
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1/19/14 4:34:30 pm
re: #42 sagehen I guess I should have been more specific, I was referring to The Naturalization Act of 1790. At first it was only a 2 year probation period for Europeans but soon it turned into 14 years, at ...