Trump Blows It Again: Schumer Withdraws Offer on Trump’s Wall

3 weeks, 5 days ago
re: #544 HappyWarrior Mathabane's Kaffir Boy?

After the Trump-thing reneged on the deal he made with Chuck Schumer to grant concessions on the DACA program in exchange for increased funding for his inane “border wall” fantasy, today we learn that Schumer has yanked his offer off the table. And the “world’s greatest deal maker” blows another …

Donald Trump Re-Election Campaign Releases Disgusting Video Accusing Democrats of Being “Complicit in Murder”

4 weeks ago
re: #135 MsJ I think Cotton is a "true believer" brought up on hate who fully assimilated it. Kinda hard to believe but Tom Cotton was raised by a pair of true blue Democrats.