National Review Says Soccer Is the Sport of Violence, Bloodshed and Terrorism

Soccer: Official Sport of Terrorism, by Tim Cavanaugh, National Review
6/18/14 5:15:37 am
re: #293 ObserverArt Fox News fans are not "trained" as much as that whole relationship between Ailes and the Fox News fan base is more like circle-jerk than anything else.

In Open Letter, Edward Snowden Offers to Help Brazil Against US in Exchange for Asylum

It must be getting cold in Russia
12/17/13 3:55:17 pm
re: #527 Amory Blaine Don't forget that the teachers and administrators of those schools are not public employees, either. This is such a blatant attempt to eliminate public schools that anyone with half a brain should be able to see ...

Brazil Admits Spying on Diplomatic and Commercial Targets

The hypocrisy is getting awfully pungent
11/04/13 2:27:42 pm
re: #7 Eclectic Cyborg Unfortunately, the industry is sandwiched between sociopathic charlatans peddling fads on one side who want zero oversight, and a pharma-captured regulatory apparatus on the other side which wants a total ban on pretty much anything that ...

Greenwald’s Latest Snowden “Scoop:” US Spying on Latin and South America

7/10/13 7:04:24 pm
re: #186 Lidane Don't forget Ohio, where draconian abortion restrictions were signed off by Kasich as part of the budget. The measures were not introduced as legislation. Good times.