And Now, a Jaw-Dropping Performance by Brazilian Musician Danilo Brito: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

314Eventual Carrion
5/20/17 3:52:41 pm
re: #81 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light)) They all do

Danilo Brito is the first mandolin player I’ve seen who’s on the same level of technique and fire and style as Chris Thile. Absolutely amazing playing here.

National Review Says Soccer Is the Sport of Violence, Bloodshed and Terrorism

Soccer: Official Sport of Terrorism, by Tim Cavanaugh, National Review
6/18/14 5:15:37 am
re: #293 ObserverArt Fox News fans are not "trained" as much as that whole relationship between Ailes and the Fox News fan base is more like circle-jerk than anything else.

In Open Letter, Edward Snowden Offers to Help Brazil Against US in Exchange for Asylum

It must be getting cold in Russia
12/17/13 3:55:17 pm
re: #527 Amory Blaine Don't forget that the teachers and administrators of those schools are not public employees, either. This is such a blatant attempt to eliminate public schools that anyone with half a brain should be able to see ...

Brazil Admits Spying on Diplomatic and Commercial Targets

The hypocrisy is getting awfully pungent
11/04/13 2:27:42 pm
re: #7 Eclectic Cyborg Unfortunately, the industry is sandwiched between sociopathic charlatans peddling fads on one side who want zero oversight, and a pharma-captured regulatory apparatus on the other side which wants a total ban on pretty much anything that ...

Greenwald’s Latest Snowden “Scoop:” US Spying on Latin and South America

7/10/13 7:04:24 pm
re: #186 Lidane Don't forget Ohio, where draconian abortion restrictions were signed off by Kasich as part of the budget. The measures were not introduced as legislation. Good times.