Calls Me a ‘Liberal Non-Entity’ - on Their Front Page

Nice picture, too
207Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/22/12 2:44:51 pm
re: #206 Daniel Ballard You may be able to see it, but you can't cite it. And if the claim is that the law is badly written, the sponsor is hardly a credible witness in its defense. I don't know ...
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I always love it when the first thing I see on Twitter in the morning is a gaggle of wingnuts, all retweeting gleefully that I’ve been “beclowned.” Apparently “editor” Larry O’Connor has a devastating reply to my post pointing out that they’ve broken every single existing link to their … Tries to Tie Prof. Derrick Bell to Farrakhan

Still more blatant dishonesty from the Breitbart goons
3/11/12 5:31:50 pm
When I think of the late Prof. Bell, I feel only sadness because I imagine a man whose soul was broken, in many places, by forces no human being should have to face alone. In her defense of him, Sally ...
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The Breitbartocalypse Continues - Communists Are Hiding the Video!

Andrew Breitbart’s legacy: absurd right wing idiocy
3/06/12 2:27:05 pm
re: #176 HappyWarrior Maher was entirely over the line. That said, Rush is even further over the line. It was a sustained attack, he lied extensively, and he went from slinging insults to personal charges of promiscuity. Not nice at ...
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