The Impressive Professionalism of Breitbart “News”

Don’t ever change
8/19/14 8:01:12 pm
re: #155 klys Witnesses appearing before a grand jury may have counsel present, *but* not inside the grand jury room. If a witness wishes to confer with his counsel, the witness must step outside the grand jury room, confer with ...

With the whole world in flux, constantly changing, it’s nice to see some things that remain the same year after year. For example, the boundless idiocy of the right wing crackpots who run Breitbart “News.” Today’s unchanging case in point comes via their latest fear-mongering article about the civil unrest …

Sarah Palin’s EXCLUSIVE Word Salad of the Day: Time to INPEACH!

“The last straw that makes the battered wife say, ‘no mas.’”
7/08/14 4:38:40 pm
Brazil. A nation in mourning. All over a soccer game. Not because of what the government has done to the poor in the surrounding slums to make that game happen.

Former Breitbart Blogger Goes Birther, Tells Orly Taitz Breitbart Is Covering Up the Truth

Gotta love it when wingnuts squabble
265Smith25's Liberal Thighs
5/21/14 7:42:06 am
re: #133 Backwoods_Sleuth Just realized... This is the same Judge that ruled against the teaching of Intelligent Design in Public School Classrooms in Dover PA Link

Breitbart “News” Contributor Pat Dollard Says: Time to Kill All Muslims

Right wing journalist says “time for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the streets”
398D Koch
4/02/14 9:21:33 pm
but, but.... moooslims! but, but..... the Jimmy Carter and 70s tee vee! but, but.... Lewinski and bubba had consensual oral 18 years ago!

Just Some More Overt Racism and Hate Speech at Breitbart “News”

The right wing base in all its glory
366Egregious Philbin
12/06/13 7:09:36 pm
Oh, and BTW, it dipped into the 30's last night, where I live, that is a heresy...I have Papaya, Banana, Passion Fruit, Guava, Plumeria, Kiwano, Blood Orange, Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit and Pineapple plants...lots and lots of frost cloths, portable heaters ...

Martin Bashir “Resigns” From MSNBC, Breitbart Commenters Spew Hate and Racism

Nobody gloats like a wingnut
12/04/13 5:31:08 pm
After what Palin said about slavery I did not find Bashir's statements at all "gross and offensive". He told Palin the truth about slavery - and for that he is fired. This tells the complete truth about the GOP's takeover ...

Breitbart’s Obamacare Expert: the GOPer Who Thinks Evolution and Embryology Are “Lies From the Pit of Hell”

Right wing journalism collides with right wing science, hilarity ensues
11/28/13 7:11:36 pm
re: #9 GeneJockey re: #9 GeneJockey I beg to differ, all MDs start out as scientists but I'm being stunned at the number of MDs who seem to have taken to forgetting or denying science. Knowing a number of colleagues ...

Breitbart “News” Beclowns Themselves Yet Again

Right wing journalism at its finest
85Egregious Philbin
11/20/13 8:49:46 pm
I received a one week ban from a site that I posted at for years by pointing out that only one sitting president (Taft) ever spoke at Gettysburg on the anniversary, and that Ken Burns said that he gave Obama ...

Sarah Palin’s Word Salad of the Day Mixes American Exceptionalism and the War on Christmas

“Even in that arena of celebrating Christmas”
205Wile E. Wonka
11/18/13 11:08:04 am
Hi, I'm still lurking, just busy with a new baby and stuff. *grin* And I hate to spoil the party, but it looks like the whole "natural birth nativity scene" thing is just a Freudian slip on the Freedom From ...