Brian Stelter: President Trump Living in a Fantasyland Devoid of Criticism, Filled With Gushing Praise

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3 weeks, 4 days ago
=re: #296 Backwoods_Sleuth This seems to go back to the age-old (well, as long as there has been USENet and IRC) debate about whether you should engage trolls, or block and move on. With the exception of suspiciously bot-like accounts, ...

This is where we’re at with our Fox News-addicted racist grandpa in the White House. At least there are still some journalists like Brian Stelter who aren’t pretending to see the emperor’s new clothes.

Video: Soledad O’Brien Calls Out the Media for Normalizing Trump’s White Supremacist Ties

Straight talk about Trump’s toxic influence on US politics
9/05/16 3:00:43 pm
re: #399 Backwoods_Sleuth Donald Trump wouldn't be just cancel a meeting for such an insult, he'd be lobbing missiles. Weak! Sad! //