Dylan Byers

Dana Milbank Responds to Dylan Byers: Politico’s Reporting Disaster

251De Kolta Chair
6/18/14 2:34:26 pm

Politico’s Reporting Disaster by Dana Milbank June 18, 2014 Related: VIDEO: Heritage Foundation’s Benghazi Panelists Mock Muslim Student UPDATE at 6/18/14 11:36:09 am One of the leaders of the Benghazi Accountability Coalition speaks out. UPDATE at 6/18/14 11:26:10 am by Charles Johnson I read Dana Milbank’s original article and then …

Frank Gaffney: Muslims Practicing Sharia Should Be Prosecuted for Sedition

Gaffney calls for the criminalization of Islam
112Hombre McBacon
3/14/11 11:08:04 pm
re: #99 Sergey Romanov Slightly off-topic: Last year I mentioned the JIDF's ties to the JDL on Twitter and how that was a major reason why I stopped supporting them. Sure enough, "David Appletree" e-mailed me, claiming I was engaging ...