In Which Donald Trump Embarrasses America and Makes an Ass of Himself Again

Fear-mongering malevolent orange sack tweets again
6/04/17 10:13:48 pm
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Following the attack in London yesterday, our so-called president did what he does best: he launched a stream of fear-mongering, opportunistic tweets, and retweeted an early unconfirmed post at Drudge Report, because who needs intelligence services and experts when you can just browse over to Drudge Report for your information? …

John Oliver Explains the Ins and Outs of Scottish Independence; Also Featuring Haggis

Don’t go, Scotland
9/16/14 4:38:02 am
Hmm. Since when have NATO been in the business of decreasing their membership? This must be a new strategy I haven't heard of. Also - think about this - a freshly independent, peaceful western country whose people have voted to ...

Breaking: Iran Reaches Nuclear Deal With Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia, the EU and the US

We shall see
11/24/13 5:34:10 pm
re: #459 plf1953 1. I heard people complaining about double taxation in the late 1980s. Most of the treaties you mention were passed after that period. My information was outdated. The exclusion at that time was about $70K. All by ...

Video: Glenn Greenwald Is Grilled on BBC Newsnight, Spews Insults Like a Firehose

The self-aggrandizing saga of Glenn Greenwald is challenged for once
621John Vreeland
10/04/13 3:58:21 pm
re: #181 erik_t Not likely. Greenwald himself might do something like this but the actual password was generated by someone who knows how to harden systems in unfriendly terrain. He almost certainly generated the full 4096 bits at random and ...

Glenn Greenwald, Super Villain: The UK Is Going to Be Sorry

8/19/13 6:13:25 pm
Just watching Rachel Maddow report about how wrong and unfair it was for Greenwald's partner to have been detained and electronics seized. She made no mention of the electronics containing any classified information. I'm wondering if she is aware of ...

Geller-Spencer Allies “English Defence League” Riot in Britain

Far right seizes opportunity to attack British Muslims
5/27/13 10:17:21 pm
A very belated comment as I actually try to avoid reading Pam's crazy rants. But I donned my waders and wandered into the cesspool today to take a read of her rants and came across this statement that must have ...