The Most Horrific Moment From Today’s Press Conference

Climate change: “We’re not spending money on that anymore. We consider that to be a waste of your money.”
125Jebediah, RBG
3/16/17 8:18:19 pm
re: #122 Blind Frog Belly White God damn right it is the correct response. Those things put holes in people.

I could hardly believe what I watched today, as Trump’s right wing OMB director Mick Mulvaney explicitly called research into climate change “a waste of money.” Future generations are going to curse the Republican Party and this nightmarish Trump regime for many things, but their denial of the biggest …

Lindsey Graham: To Avoid 7.5% Cut in Military Budget, Let’s Kill Obamacare

Heartless bastards do it again
2/17/13 2:56:02 pm
Here's an idea: if Republicans simply allow the sequester to occur, the president has enormous discretion in where the cuts come from. And if I were he, closing Fort Jackson would be top of the list. It's time, with no ...

The Myth of Obama the Socialist, Part III

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts
9/09/12 4:35:16 pm
Thanks for really dialoging now. I think it is wrong and misleading to give one party credit for something that it takes two to achieve. That is part of my point. I hear you that you think I am wrong. ...

Reagan Budget Adviser David Stockman: Ryan’s Budget a ‘Fairy Tale’

A take-down from the right
105Romantic Heretic
8/14/12 3:46:22 pm
I'm going to disagree with Stockman about sales taxes being efficient. They're inefficient as hell since they turn every small business into tax collectors. This wastes their time when they could be doing business. Sales taxes are also highly regressive ...

Ryan Budget Would Drastically Reduce Medicaid Coverage for Millions of Low-Income Citizens

No more social safety net for you
60funky chicken
8/14/12 2:49:12 pm
Old people vote, and, sadly, many of them seem quite happy to collect their lovely benefits while screaming that others are lazy and worthless if they need the exact same benefit.

Poll: GOP Hurt by Debt Ceiling Debacle

It’s not difficult to see where the responsibility lies
8/09/11 5:27:38 pm
re: #68 jamesfirecat WATB manic-progressives are negative and defeatist by nature. That's why nobody likes or listens to them except for other WATB manic-progressives. The fact that they think that they are Obama's base or even the base of the ...

Stocks Plunge Again As Tea Goes Bitter

The only solution: more tea
181Robert O.
8/08/11 6:53:54 pm
Remember that Republicans cheered when the US failed to win the bid for the Olympics and the Soccer World Cup, because in their seriously twisted little brains, they support whatever makes Obama looks bad, even if the result is bad ...

Kerry’s ‘Tea Party Downgrade’ Comment Causes Outbreak of Right Wing Whining

This was what the Tea Party wanted, so why are they complaining?
8/08/11 7:21:41 am
re: #15 Stanley Sea It's one thing to be against the war. It's another thing to give false "testimony" before a foreign "court". There's something primally wrong about bearing false witness against an innocent. It's this whole thing I bring ...

Breaking: President Obama Says He’ll Sign Extension of Debt Ceiling

Republican nihilism watch
7/22/11 7:33:27 pm
re: #3 darthstar "Through 2013...which takes it away from the Republicans as a political football for the 2012 elections. They'll totally hate that." And allows the Bush tax cuts to expire, without having the deficit to use as leverage.