Buffalo School Board Issues Ultimatum to Trump Campaign Co-Chair Carl Paladino: Resign in 24 Hours

Long overdue consequences
1/03/17 2:12:16 pm
re: #255 whitebeach Um, I'd certainly consider including John Wooden in that list. Just sayin'.

Disgusting racist swine Carl Paladino (sorry for candy-coating that description) has been given an ultimatum by the Buffalo School Board. They voted 6-2 today that he must resign within 24 hours or they’ll petition that state of New York to remove him. Good. But check out how one of …

Trump Campaign Co-Chair Carl Paladino “Apologizes” for His Gutter Racism (But Not Really)

“I certainly am not a racist”
332Odie Hugh Manatee
12/27/16 10:03:42 pm
re: #272 goddamnedfrank Yeah... I was feeling a bit constipated and in a bit of a 'jam' while on the toilet today. Then I remembered that Trump is our next President... Problem solved but now I can't stop. #NoThanksDonald