Video: John Oliver Takes Apart the Far Right Sinclair Broadcast Group

275The Dude Abides
7/04/17 2:04:10 am
re: #247 Barefoot Grin What kind of strings has he been using, and what tension? I used 15-gauge string if I didn't have a tournament, and it used to last me one week or more. I'd make sure to use ...

Here’s another brilliant long-form piece by John Oliver on the disturbingly influential and ubiquitous Sinclair Broadcast Group, a far right propaganda outlet that controls a vast media empire in the US — an empire that’s getting even larger.

WaPo: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Threatened to Resign

Even the most dedicated rats are thinking of jumping ship
182Barefoot Grin
6/07/17 2:11:24 am
re: #143 The Ghost of Senator Incitatus Piers Morgan: "Millwall fans have a bad reputation, much of it deserved, but...." I've become an Arsenal fan simply because my son watches them and is a fan, but Piers being a fan ...

Fox News Suspends Andrew Napolitano Over Wiretap Conspiracy Theories Touted by Trump

But he’ll probably be back soon because the Fox audience loves his conspiracy theories
3/24/17 9:35:31 pm
Charles Johnson, Sounds like even "Fox News" has standards, even if they are incredibly low!

Dumbest Man on Internet Screams: 10 ISIS Fighters Caught at Southern Border! DHS Says: False.

The fear-mongering never stops
211A Mom Anon
10/08/14 2:24:36 pm
re: #207 calochortus I can't tell you how crazy this makes me. And heaven help me if I say anything to anyone about Komen being a bullshit organization these days. There are plenty of other places to send your money ...

Interview With #CancelColbert Activist Suey Park: Put a Bird on It

Rabid tone-policer says: “I reject being tone-policed”
589John Vreeland
4/03/14 10:38:57 pm
#CancelColbert activist Suey Park: Lady that was no bird, that was a moonbat. Now shut up and finish your word salad— John Vreeland (@JohnMVreeland) April 4, 2014