Video: CBS Staffers and Former Correspondents Strongly Contradict O’Reilly’s “War Zone” Claims

O’Reilly’s stories continue to unravel
474De Kolta Chair
2/22/15 9:44:06 pm

There are now seven journalists on the record who were with Bill O’Reilly in Argentina in 1982, and they’re all contradicting his “war zone” stories: CBS Staffers Refute Bill O’Reilly’s ‘War Zone’ Story.

CBS News: Multiple Breaches of Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer

Entire wingnut blogosphere assumes it had to be Obama
226unproven innocence
6/14/13 6:45:11 pm
re: #224 Eventual Carrion That's sound policy favoring peace, trade and cultural exchange, near and far, however heavy-handed the enforcement may have been. Too bad about the US citizen vs foreigner crap at the center of the NSA spying scandal. ...

Dan Rather on Reddit: “No One Ever Established the Documents Were Forged”

Clinging to denial
521Local Media Monitor
2/09/13 10:10:46 am
re: #509 stabby I showed you Steubenville. That shows rape culture. You didn't respond. Now this comment of yours above. Look at it this way: when slavery was legal, "people on average act(ed) the way people do on average" and ...

CBS News’ Lara Logan Assaulted in Egypt

Separated from her crew and attacked in Tahrir Square on the day Mubarak stepped down
2/16/11 10:05:55 am
re: #223 Renaissance_Man Well, here's a news article. written by Michael CalderoneThe article made note of previous instances of abuse of reporters, including Logan. Those responsible for the earlier incidents were Mubarak supporters. By implication, the article seems to be ...