Mike Huckabee Defends “Renting” His Email List to Quacks

This is a VERY bad man.
5/08/15 2:17:04 pm
Hello, Lizard Nation! Been trolling the anti-union forces over here jalopnik.com :D
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GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has said some remarkably idiotic things over the past several years, but this is mind bending. Yesterday, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Huckabee about the propriety of “renting” his email list to an advertiser peddling a “cancer cure” hidden in the bible (as reported in The …

Former CNN Contributor Erickson: “Christ Could Throw a Punch”

“Vengeance is mine!” - Right Wing Jesus
162Fourth Football of the Apocalypse
5/24/13 7:34:03 am
BSA now stands for Boy Sodomizers of America, because that's what will happen. Mark my words. Bryan, please, I beg of you. There are many fine doctors who would be happy to prescribe something for your condition.
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Erick Erickson ‘Stands By’ Rep. Joe Walsh’s Attacks on Veteran

There’s really nothing too despicable for today’s right wing
7/07/12 7:17:17 pm
re: #21 Patricia Kayden I agree with your comment, and it made me think about professional wrestling. Fox (and, I would say, MSNBC... I may be a tad more "conservative" than you are, although NOT "conservative" in the sense of ...
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