Phil Robertson Fantasizes About Atheist Family Being Raped and Murdered

412William Lewis
3/25/15 12:42:57 pm
re: #339 Dark_Falcon I personally know Scott Walker, DF. He's the most evil, banal but evil, man I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I will emigrate if he is elected. I think Germany would be a better place ...
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Here’s the guy who was invited to give a speech at CPAC this year, and was awarded the “Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment” prize. I hesitated about even posting this, because it’s unbelievably deranged. This is what the right wing has devolved into.

cache of CPAC ben carson page

CPAC’s Attempt at Covering Up a Minor Server Glitch Backfires

2/25/15 8:50:08 pm
re: #437 Floral Giraffe I had a paperwhite and the page turns were so slow as to be distracting. I'm used to my iPhone/iPad app. I had an original was ok (no backlight) and didn't love it. I really ...
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Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Reports CPAC Racism, Commenters Go Full-on Neo-Nazi

Bad craziness all over the right wing websites
87Bunky Bunk
3/17/13 4:20:48 pm
"Seriously, he wants to consider himself a friend of someone like that?" I wonder how much he and his brother make to justify the amount of slime they spew. People like him are the black friend in the old "my ...
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About Scott Terry - CPAC Slavery Defender and “Disenfranchised Whites” Illustrated

Right wing racism erupts at CPAC
3/17/13 6:05:05 pm
re: #1 freetoken I'm black, older than Smith, and even though he doesn't seem to know it, I know that the racists in the GOP have no more regard for him than they have for any other Person of Color, ...
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The Incredibly Strange CPAC That Stopped Living and Became a Mixed Up Zombie

Festival of Wingnuts even more ridiculous than usual this year
3/13/13 4:33:39 pm
re: #313 Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance I totally missed this earlier—my apologies. I wish people wouldn't be so damned inflexible. It's not helpful at all. *sigh* Sorry to hear about your FIL's illness. :(
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Dumbest Man on Internet to Win “Accuracy in Media” Prize at CPAC

Right wing journalism at its finest
3/06/13 1:16:42 pm
re: #33 Charles Johnson I feel more than sad regarding this award. And full of ridicule for a bunch of projecting like minded individuals eager to accept any written word because it enforces their ill prepared position. Keep your focus ...
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