CA’s Riverside County GOP Tweets Picture of Executioner Captioned “I’m Ready for Hillary”

The Republican Party is dangerously insane
8/05/16 1:51:05 pm
re: #205 Acigarman1 Why are you way down here in a dead thread?

So today, the official Twitter account of the Riverside County Republican Party tweeted a picture of a hangman with an axe and blood-stained clothing, and the caption “I’m Ready for Hillary.” Well, the GOP chairman now says he was horrified by the tweet. Earlier today, before it got much …

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

California Gov. Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton

A big endorsement for Clinton
5/31/16 1:36:48 pm
. @BernieSanders back to lobby, re @JerryBrownGov, says he'd rather have nurses union support than 'establishment' — David Siders (@davidsiders) May 31, 2016

Photos: Large Protest Outside Trump Rally in Costa Mesa

4/29/16 11:32:24 am
re: #222 Backwoods_Sleuth I'm too lazy to google, but isn't there still a large number of donations to Bernie's campaign that need to be explained via filings? E.g. the receiving multiple thousands of max donations from the same address on ...
The fraudulent CA driver's licenses used by David Daleiden and Susan Merritt

Anti-Choice Fanatics Used Fake California IDs to Film Planned Parenthood - Now We Have Proof

Fighting back against the smear merchants
211Unshaken Defiance
8/01/15 10:47:25 am
re: #194 #FergusonFireside Too big for me too in some ways. Of course they do have their own PR but sometimes a independent efforts get a little more credibility. I think the parts I'm missing now are a couple interviews ...

Republican Congressman Confronted by Extreme Anti-Immigrant Protesters, Threatens to Punch Them Out

Hot wingnut on wingnut action
4/23/15 6:06:24 am
re: #557 lostlakehiker How about if I pick SAT scores for 2014? Texas Critical Reading: 476 Mathematics: 495 Writing: 471 California Critical Reading: 498 Mathematics: 510 Writing: 496 California scores 22 points better in critical reading. California scores ...

Photo of the Day: At the Right Wing Protest in Murrieta, a Confederate Flag

The symbol of slavery, racism and treason comes out in Murrieta
7/10/14 8:17:42 pm
See, that's no surprise, is it? Of course! They're trying to introduce the Confederate immigration policy: find a way to smuggle in some more slaves. Keep 'em illegal so we don't owe them anything.