Seth Meyers on Trump’s Unhinged Attacks on Mueller and McCabe, and the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Scandal

3/21/18 2:02:42 am
re: #211 teleskiguy Yes.

Honestly, I’m getting more out of comedians’ analysis these days than almost any journalist or cable news show. A lot of the mainstream media coverage of this awful administration just ends up frustrating and infuriating me, because it’s so “view from nowhere.” Comedians like Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert …

Stunning Video Shows Cambridge Analytica CEO Discussing Using Bribery and Sex Workers

3/19/18 7:49:04 pm
Now, this is weird. Cambridge Analytica research partner Aleksandr Kogan makes off-color jokes (in Russian) at Facebook's expense about ways of accessing Big Data during lecture at St Petersburg State University in May 2014 (starts at min. 53:24 mark) ...

A Stunner: Trump Digital Leader Says Facebook, Google and YouTube Were “Hands-On Partners” With the Trump Campaign

147Decatur Deb
9/07/17 11:56:07 pm
re: #132 BeachDem Just checked in. That mess only needs an hour or two delay in turning North to come up this driveway, but Birmingham is far enough inland to give us plenty of warning for a change of venue. ...