Canada’s Arctic Ice Shelves Are Vanishing

“Recent (ice shelf) loss has been very rapid”
9/30/11 5:10:08 pm
re: #2 recusancy It's almost heartening. There was not a drastic sulfur event wiping out most land life. Birds did not go extinct. [Some species, but not all bird species, went extinct.] And that's with an event that puts as ...

Hitchens on George Galloway’s Canadian Extravaganza

4/02/09 9:07:40 am
Just some concluding thoughts here, as has been mentioned every country has its own set of laws, standards and principles. And to argue that because Britain elected some lunatic, therefore the lunatic should be granted privileges of entry into Canada, ...

Canada’s ‘Human Rights Commission’ Dismisses Charges Against Levant

426Freedom Fan
8/08/08 4:05:06 pm
The enemies of freedom succeed only if left unchallenged to work in the dank stench of darkness. Unfortunately for the thugs of the Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission, they did not have that opportunity with Mr. Levant. Ezra Levant protects citizens' ...