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US and China Announce Historic Agreement on Climate Change

Ice breaker
11/13/14 3:53:55 pm
re: #286 Raymond Huffman What is this, generated by some random wingnut speechalator? mad libs for wingnuts?

Some excellent news from President Obama’s trip to China: BREAKING: The US and China Just Announced a Huge Deal on Climate—and It’s a Game Changer. So much for the conventional wisdom that China will never agree to reduce carbon emissions. Two of the world’s major carbon-producing countries have made …

Overnight Video: Climate 101 - Narration by Bill Nye

The basics of climate change
12/09/12 11:04:18 am
re: #161 sattv4u2 Yep. Next week's schedule is loaded: New England v. San Francisco, Baltimore v. Denver, and Houston v. Indianapolis. I'd be hesitant to even offer a guess as to what the standings are going to look like after ...

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

Bill McKibben calls this the ‘most important thing he’s written’ in years
8/03/12 11:29:59 am
re: #154 LudwigVanQuixote We don't live in the water. We, unlike most large mammals, can tolerate altitudes of 15000 feet. We are a sturdy and adaptable species. If 5 percent of earth species survived the last time around, and a ...